Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AutomateIt and NFC

AutomateIt latest version (Free: v1.22.0, Pro: v2.22.0) introduces a new trigger named "NFC Trigger" (NFC stands for Near-Field-Communication).
This trigger can be used with NFC tags to launch various actions just as you would do with any other trigger, utilizing all the large selection of actions AutomateIt has to offer.
For those who are not so familiar with the NFC technology, the following video gives a pretty good demonstration of what are NFC tags and how they are used with your device.
One thing that you should be aware about this new trigger is that by design, Android does not monitor nearby NFC tags when the screen is turned off or locked.
There are some workarounds for that published on the web that can make your NFC experience even better, such as the following post on XDA:

Monday, June 18, 2012

AutomateIt - The Next Generation

AutomateIt has been around for quite some time now, but as you probably noticed, it wasn't updated in a long time.

This does not mean that we abandoned this product - in fact, it means that there is something BIG happening and coming your way.

Use the following link to sign-up for our pre-release version which should be available for a limited number of users at first before it's released to the rest of the world.

Don't get left behind !

Sign up Here

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Top Apps

No, This isn't just another post that provides a very long list of apps that someone decided that they are the best apps ever.
This is an actual app that helps you understand what are YOUR top apps.

Free Version
Download from Android Market
Download from AppBrain

Pro Version
Download from Android Market
Download from AppBrain

My Top Apps monitors the apps that you use and provides quick access to the apps you used recently, most used apps or the apps that you use for the longest duration (Pro version only).

When you first launch My Top Apps the main screen is kinda blank since you haven't launched any apps yet
But, once you start using your apps, My Top Apps display is constantly updated according to your usage habits. My Top Apps offers a launcher-style view, details view or a timeline view of the apps you use.

Clicking any app on the launcher-style or details view will launch the application so you can easily access all of your apps.

As mentioned before, You can select the way the apps will be organized by as shown on the following image:

The available organization algorithms are:
  • LRU (Last Recently Used) - Organizes your apps according to the last time it was used in a descending order, meaning that the last used app will appear first on My Top Apps.
  • MRU (Most Recently Used) - Organize your apps according to the number of times each app was activated within the defined calculation duration
  • Use Duration (Longest Use Duration) - Organize your apps so that the app used for the longest time will appear first. This Algorithm is only available on My Top Apps Pro Version.
For all algorithms you can define a calculation duration which filters your apps usage statistics only from the defined time period.

One of the most usable features of My Top Apps is its widgets. My Top Apps offers widgets in multiple sizes that can be customized to your needs so you will never have to customize your home page with your favorite apps !

When creating a new widget you can customize the following parameters:

My Top Apps has the following features:
  • Click app icon - Launches the clicked app
  • Click My top apps icon (on the top left) - Launches My Top Apps
  • Click widget header (Where you see the selected Algorithm and Calculation duration) - Launches the widget configuration so you can update the widget settings.
  • Some widget sizes are only available on My Top Apps Pro version - 4x3, 4x4, 5x5
Widget theme selection is available on My Top Apps Pro version (Blue, Transparent, Purple, Dark):

My Top Apps settings provide some additional configuration parameters as shown on the following image:

  • Number of columns - Sets the number of columns that will be displayed on My Top Apps Grid view. This has no affect on other views or My Top Apps widgets
  • Clear History - Clears the app usage history before a selected date
  • Ignored Apps - My Top Apps allows you to select apps that you don't want to be displayed on My Top Apps views or on its widgets.
  • Include debug info in log - This is mostly used when reporting an error with the app. If you encounter a problem with the app, check this checkbox and send me an email using the "Help !" button on the About screen.
Finally, one more thing that is easily done using this app - We all know that once there is a new Android user around you immediately start thinking "What apps are the MUST HAVE ?". Using My Top Apps, this is no longer a question, simply click the "Share" button from the app menu and an email will be generated for you with a list of YOUR Top Apps and links to downloads from the Android market: