Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AutomateIt - Vote for feature !

Since AutomateIt was published I got a lot of great ideas from users all around the world that wish they had "just this one more feature to make this app even more awesome".

I've gathered a long list of requested features and thought it would be nice to share some parts of this list and let you vote for the features that you would like to see in next versions.

The "Like" count for each feature will have significant impact on the upcoming versions of AutomateIt so be sure to vote for your favorite feature(s) from the following list:


[Add Action]: Send email

[Add Action]: Enable/Disable screen lock

[Add Feature]: Localize app (support translation to other languages)

[Add Action]: Composite action (support multiple actions per trigger)

[Add Trigger]: Composite trigger (require multiple conditions to trigger rule)

[Add Trigger]: Calendar trigger (all kinds of events that are calendar related)

[Add Trigger]: Sensor trigger (Orientation, Gravity, Light, Proximity etc.)

[Add Feature]: Copy Rule

[Add Feature]: Stop/Start Service

[Add Feature]: Restore selected rules from backup (does not override all rules)