Thursday, September 15, 2011

AutomateIt - Vote for feature - Take II

This is a second round for you, AutomateIt users, to vote for your favorite features for next updates.
Those of you already familiar with the Vote for feature post can go ahead and vote !

The list below was combined from requests I received through emails, comments on this blog, the AutomateIt thread on and some new ideas that I came up with...

Obviously I can't implement all of those requests so I'm letting you decide which features you would like to see coming in next updates by hitting the "Like" button for your favorite feature(s).

The "Like" count for each feature will have significant impact on the upcoming versions of AutomateIt.

Like it ! Feature
Add Feature: Copy rule
Add Action: Send email (With keywords similar to Send SMS Action)
Add Feature: Contact selection enhancements (Unknown contact, phone number pattern, last caller, last SMS sender, last called phone number, last SMS recipient, choosing a specific phone number for a contact with several numbers)
Add Feature: Main screen UI enhancements (Reorder rules, Group/Sort rules etc.)
Add Action: Reboot
Add Feature: Request user confirmation to execute action (Show dialog to confirm action execution by user before executing, possibly adding countdown to dialog)
Add Feature/Action: Pause between actions in a composite action
Add Trigger: Recurring event (Execute action every defined time interval)
Add Feature: Create reverse rule (Create new rule with reverse trigger and action)
Add Trigger: Cell IDs (determine location by nearby cells)

On top of these features, there is a long list of more features that were already requested and will be considered for upcoming updates (Strikeout text means its already implemented) :
  • Add Trigger: Home screen launched
  • Add Trigger: New email received (specific subject/sender/...)
  • Use locale date and time format instead of fixed format
  • Add Action: Clear notifications
  • Add Trigger: Roaming active/inactive
  • Add Action: Switch 2G/3G (Is it even technically possible ???)
  • Add Action: Screen off/on
  • Add Action: Lock device
  • Add Action: Run shell script
  • Add Action: Custom action - allows plugins that will be developed by other developers to be activated by AutomateIt triggers
  • Add Feature: Add NOT operator for triggers (maybe just to selected triggers...)
  • Add Trigger: Above/Below Speed (using GPS)
  • UI: Improve the way sliders are displayed (for instance - on Set Volume Action settings)
  • Add Action: Toggle auto-answer
  • Add Action: Media play actions
  • Add Feature: Add to Calendar Trigger the ability to trigger some time before a calendar event starts/ends
  • Add Action: SMS Forwarding
  • Add Widget: Show rules list and select rule to execute
  • Have some basic rules pre-installed with AutomateIt
  • Add Feature: Set Sound Mode Action without changing the vibrate settings
  • Add Feature: Save location when rule is triggered (per rule and as a general setting)
  • Add Feature: Show popup setting per rule
  • Add Feature: Add "Call answered" state to Call State Trigger
  • Add Feature: Store favorite locations for Location trigger or use Google Maps favorites (or both...)
  • Add Trigger: Battery Drain - Triggers when battery level drops X% over defined time
  • Add Action: Save current location
  • Add Action: Toast message
  • Add Action: Flash Blink (rate, duration)
  • Add Feature: Integrate TTS for actions (Read last SMS, Say sentence etc..)
  • Add Trigger: Speakerphone turned on/off
  • Add Feature: Save action sets
  • Add Trigger: GPS State
  • Add Action: Change Input Method
  • Add Trigger: Signal level trigger (No signal, low, high...)
  • Add Action: Launch shortcut
  • Add Keyword: Current Time
  • Add Action: Auto-Answer incoming call (Including add to conference call option)
  • Add Feature: Add TTS to the Notification Action
  • Add Action: Mobile Hotspot
  • Add Trigger: Shake Device
  • Add Feature: Require password to change rules
  • Add Action: Execute widget/shortcut
  • Add Trigger: Headset Button Clicked
  • Add Trigger: NFC Trigger
  • Add Action: Take a picture
  • Add Trigger: HDMI connected
  • Add Feature: Add "Vehicle movement" state to sensor trigger for Accelerometer